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Squaroes are so much more than just accessories for card games! Their unique design and premium quality, combined with the coolest pop culture licences, make Squaroes collectors’ items in their own right.

   I'M EDGY  
     KNOW IT!     


A Squaroe rarely - or rather: never! – comes alone. Each Squaroes release revolves entirely around one pop culture franchise and includes numerous individual products. In addition to the regular boxes, there is a rare chase box and a Collectors Case, which is perfectly designed to store up to eight Squaroes.


Squaroes is a sub-brand of Ultimate Guard. Both Squaroes and Collectors Cases are manufactured by Ultimate Guard, one of the market leaders for TCG accessories and known worldwide for high quality products. The deck boxes have a modular design, so that the Collectors Case offers space for exactly eight Squaroes. In addition, Squaroes boxes are made from 78% renewable resources from and in Germany.

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The Benefits of being Edgy

Fully printed collectible box with secure closure

Made in Germany from 78% renewable recources

Deck box holds up to 100 double-sleeved or 120 single-sleeved trading cards

The Collectors Case offers space for up to eight Squaroes or alternatively 900 (double-sleeved) to 1000 (single sleeved) individual trading cards.

Strong magnetic closure with additional ZnapClaw locking mechanism

Full-color printed, resistant Xenoskin material
South Park
Justice League